Anito Seminar

January 1, 2013


To start of the year, Philrobotics will have a seminar this January.
Here’s the details.

What: Anito Seminar
When: January 19, 2013
Where: e-Gizmo
2fl VSC Building, Taft Ave
Malate Manila
Time: 1pm

Wanna know more about the Anito Dev Board? (click here)

6 Responses to “Anito Seminar”

  1. Michael Lawrence Huang, RME, M.Eng ME (continuing) Says:

    Hi! I’m interested to be a legitimate member of Philrobotics and to attend Anito Seminar. Thanks!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi, you can attend the seminar on Jan 19. After the seminar, we will also discuss how to become a member. Its not hard actually, you just attend the monthly meeting held every 3rd sat of the month. After three meetings you will become a member.

  3. rick gonzales Says:

    How much will be the seminar fee? What are we going to bring? thanks.

  4. Anna Loisse Says:

    hi sir/ma’am,

    I am very interested in your philrobotics..I am a IT supervisor and
    computer/robotics instructor in a private school..i what to become a can i become a member can you please email me as sson you see my message..
    I am looking a seminar to explore more…Thank you very much

  5. Josh Says:

    Sir… i want o learn more about how this anito works… we have it in our school but no one is using it… we bought it from you last 2011.. can you send me a complete guide on how this thing works and how to program it please..
    send it to my email because i didnt find a complete guide here in you website. Thanks a lot

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Josh. We are sorry to hear about that. Meanwhile, please head over to There is a short guide in there on how to start with Anito. The IDE has auto suggest feature so that you only need to type the first few letters of the command that you wish to use. You can base your guess on what command to use by looking at the sample code here You will notice that to set some pi with some value, you need to use commands that begins with set. The IDE can be found here Dont forget that you can also code in C because the Anito programming language is C.

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