Getting Started With Philrobokit Presentation Material

January 20, 2013


Philrobokit Anito

Congratulations to Gigz for a successful Anino Seminar held last Saturday.
For those who wanted to attend but wasn’t able to go, below is the presentation material.

Getting Started with PhilRoboKit Anito

This 7Zip file contains the Powerpoint presentation and sample codes.

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Getting Started with PhilRoboKit Anito by


2 Responses to “Getting Started With Philrobokit Presentation Material”

  1. jaybee Says:

    this looks nice. i have been considering playing with arduino and now this. would you recommend this for a beginner like me. how much does this cost? hope to hear from you. good job!

  2. noel Says:

    I would recommend both arduino and philrobokit. Arduino costs about $30 USD, there’s a local clone called gizduino which is cheaper.

    Philrobokit is about the same price as the local arduino clone. Price is less than PHP700.

    Both are good for beginners.

    It’s just a matter of which microcontroller would you prefer. Arduino and clones uses Atmega while philrobokit uses PIC. PIC microcontroller chips are more available in the Philippines should you wish to eventually go into hard core microcontroller programming.

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