PBOT Graphical Programming with miniBloq

September 23, 2014

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The PBOT is an entry level robotics platform that features 3 IR Collision Sensors, 3 Line Sensors and a 2 channel Motor driver. It is Compatible with all Gizduino Boards (An arduino derivative board) and all arduino form factor boards. It is a good starting point for beginners in the field of robotics. Line Follower, Sumo and Obstacle avoidance robot are some examples that can be done with this platform. To get things done, one needs a lot of programming to do what you like the robot would do. Using a Gizduino 328 board, it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE with the native C/C++ syntax. If you are a total beginner and do not have any background in programming but would love to learn can be troublesome. But there is still hope! It can be programmed with a graphical programming IDE  using Ardublock or Scratch for Android. Both IDE adds pure graphical programming to Arduino and Arduino compatible boards.

But wait! theres more! miniBloq is another graphical programming IDE that also generates the equivalent C code of the blocks good for learning the native language. Another good thing about miniBloq is its powerful XML backend that we could define custom hardware which means custom pin names for a specific hardware can be defined.

To get you started hardware file of the Pbot for the miniBloq is provided below. Extract the contents of the archive to miniBloq.v0.8x\hard and fire up miniBloq and start programming!

[Hardware Files Download]


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