Reading RFID tags with C# and RDM630

October 12, 2014

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Low Cost RFID

The RDM630 Proximity Reader Module is a low cost 125 kHz RFID  Proximity reader. It uses uEM 4100 or compatible card with  64 bit Manchester encoding and outputs the data to its serial port at 9600 baud. With this, RFID tags can be easily read by C# using the serialport module and can be integrated to larger systems such as inventory or attendance systems .

The output format of the reader is given as :



To create the simple interface, create a new project and add two labels, change text to COM Port and ID TAG respectively, add a combo box to contain installed serial ports, a rich text box to contain the data coming from the tags, a button which will serve as connect and disconnect button and add a serialport.

After adding the controls, lets make the magic happen! Add the System.IO.Ports namespace, we need it later to get all the installed serial ports on the PC and populate our combo box for the Serial Port Selection.

IO Namespace


Instantiate a new delegate for the received serial port event and initialize the delegate to use getRFID routine to capture the data from the reader.


At startup, we get all stored serial ports and populate the combo box for the selection of the desired COM Port


For the Connect button to Open or Close the connection add the following

To read the RFID data, we read till the ETX of the reader and display it to the richtextbox


Finally we test if it works

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    sir bakit ayaw mag diplay sa C#..tama na nanamn ung program? may paraan po ba para makahingi ng source code ng c#? salamat

  2. vinodh Says:

    where i call that serialport1

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